Boys 11U

Updated Saturday September 26, 2015 by Waxhaw Basketball.

This program is for boys ages 10-11 years old whose birthday falls on or before August 31 of the current basketball season (ie. if a child turns 12 after August 31, the parent has the option to allow for their child to play in the current age division or move up to the next age division depending on their preference). The 11U program is focused on teaching children the basic fundamentals of basketball while providing a fun atmosphere that keeps them engaged and learning every step of the way. At this age division, children begin playing on regulation size goals and with intermidiate size basketballs(28.5). In the previous division children began learning the basics of offensive and defensive sets. Now children will learn some of the advanced levels of offensive and defensive sets including Motion, Stack, Triangle, Box in 1, Zone, Man to Man, Half Court Press and Full Court Press just to name a few. Practices are held typically twice a week at one of the area Union County School gyms with games every Saturday.  We thank you for taking interest in Waxhaw Athletic Associations Youth Basketball program and we look forward to teaching your child the fundamentals of basketball in the near future!

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stephanie soto commented on October 9, 12:39am
"When does the season start and does it interfere with flag football?"
Angela Tiber commented on November 2, 1:17am
"Is the Waxhaw Basketball Registration still open?"
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